Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Evidence of Biblical UFO'S????

This next point of discussion will be extremely controversial, but I want to hear your thoughts…I will start off by saying I do not believe in Aliens…I do not however disavow any chance of their existence…simply because I do not know.In dozens of texts in my book, A Thesis of Angels, I identify the ancient peoples records of flying objects/people. KEEP IN MIND, THIS IS JUST ONE SECTION OUT OF 12 IN THE CHAPTER.Read with an open mind, and tell me your thoughts:(A Thesis of Angels can be purchased at I am available for further dialogue at 1.4: Biblical: For those of the Christian faith, the Bible is the most sacred text to be inspired by God and recorded by man. It is widely accepted that God and the Angels had continued visitation with mortal men, and directly influenced the lives of individuals and the Jewish nation as a whole. What few realize however is the Bible is full of flying objects.

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